FRF 2024 Forum – 14 & 15 October 2024, Central London

Underwriting stability in a politically polarised world

Post World War II multilateral and international structures are under acute strain, arguably more so than ever before. The key structures were created by the West in the late 1940s, when most of the countries of the Global South did not even exist, many only achieving independence in the 1960s, so they had no say over their establishment.

Multilateral institutions are also under pressure by reinvigorated ultranationalist and protectionist forces. The questioning of the structures that have underpinned the global order to date runs concomitantly with the continual erosion of the precepts of international law and the rules based order promoted by the Western world.

Future Resilience Forum tries to make sense of an increasingly chaotic and fragmented world, in order to build new relationships that will lead to greater stability and prosperity, both for the Global South and the North.

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If Future Resilience Forum existed when I was Chief-of-Staff at Downing Street, I would have had a place to go to find the right person, in the right place and in the right sector to get behind any of the many problems people at the top of any organisation face. It takes a creative use of networks and thinking to solve what at first seems like the unsolvable.

FRF Founder, Fiona Hill CBE

Today resilience is much more than about national security, it is about economic security, energy security, the undersea cables that we rely on, the openness of the trade routes we need and our ability to anticipate new threats.

Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom